[APP][Pro] Tado° community app (with geofence & capacity)

Dear Homey pro & tado° owners,

For tado°, there’s also a tado° community app called tadoZones, by @Martin_Verbeek

For those who miss the brilliant tado° Geofence functionality of the Athom app, AND the lately removed Heating Capacity: they are back!

Much more and actual info @ Dutch/English version topic: https://community.homey.app/t/app-pro-tado-community-app-met-geofence-verw-capaciteit/

- Some screenshots -

Thermostaat (Thermostat device):

‘Als’ (‘When’) flowcards:

Logics tags/variabelen:

Screenshot from 2023-02-16 02-16-42

‘Dan’ flowcards:

Geofence (Presence tracker):

Warmtevraag (Heating Capacity):

Hi @Peter_Kawa , could you please explain how to add Tado devices through this app? When I’m trying I always get “no new devices have been found”. Thx in advance!

Hi @Mimomaj ,

Were you asked to enter your tado° login at some point? Otherwise the app can’t reach your tado cloud connection.
It found my thermostat and valve knob while adding new devices, so I can’t help you right now. You better send a DM to Martin I’d suggest.

Hi @Peter_Kawa , thank you, I contacted Martin

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I had an earlier version what hadn’t that error. In v1.2.0 you were using, a typo ended up in the code, which prevented the adding of devices.

Fixed in v1.2.2

Hi all,
warming up this older thread for another topic/feature request: I would like to set and update the offset of the Tado thermostats using homey. Unfortunately neither the official nor the TadoZones app offers this feature in flows. Any ideas how to do that? Or how to use external temperature sensors to control the Tado thermostats?
Best regards,

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I’m just switching to this app as I have got a new Homey and the old app is no longer available.
One thing I seem to be missing is the Hot Water device, so is it possible you could add that?