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Hi all,

I have a Tado smart thermostate and smart radiator valve. I do not pay Tado the monthly fee to enable to Geofencing options, because I want Homey to fix this. Tado reports nicely to Homey all sorts of tag status.
I have 2 flows to control my home/away heating. And have 2 users, my wife and me. My Homey is on 1.15.3 version.

Temp away flow:
IF the Home/Away status changes AND nobody is at home THEN change temp to 17 degrees.

Temp home flow:
IF the Home/Away status changes AND somebody is at home THEN change temp smart schedule.

See screenshots below:

Somehow it does not work… It does when I manually press the TEST button. Any better ideas?

I can also use the Homey tags of home and away, but the Tado tags make it easier.

Thanks for your help!

I am aware this could also work in just 1 flow, as below picture:

“I do not pay Tado the monthly fee to enable to Geofencing options”

Not sure what monthly fee you are talking about but it should work without paying anything… have Tado myself and never got asked to pay a euro voor using geofencing…

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That’s right, they have changed it… Old users can still use the function, but not the new users.

That is some nasty surprise… don’t think I would have bought it if this was the case to be honest.

Anyway, the Homey geofencing out of the box is terrible. There are alternatives which I tried (all of them, that applied to iOS) and the only one that works 100% of the time is Owntracks with a MQTT broker. I would suggest first looking into this prior to looking in flows that might or might not work.

So, by using the test button… you know that the flow actions working.

The test button replacing your trigger.

Did you test that the home/away function is working??

Hi Roy, thanks for your reply. I did not test if the trigger is actually doing something, but the Tag “Home/Away” does change when leaving the house or coming back.

How would you recommend testing it? I can make it send a push message when coming back home for example?

Thats indeed the best way to test your home/away status.

Making flows for coming home and going away. And let is send a notification to your phone

If you are not paying for the tado geofencing then I guess that’s why it’s not triggering as you appear to be using the tado geofencing status in your flow.
I am using almost the same flow setup and it works fine but I do have the tado geofencing option (I purchased before they changed).

The Homey home/away status will update due to Homey’s geofencing.

Edit: but I am on Homey V2-rc9 so maybe it’s broken in V1.x.x.

What Adrian says. You are using the Tado cards which do not work as you have no subscription.

If you want to use homeys geofencing to control Temperature you need to use the Homey geo tags in the “if” trigger box, not the Tado one. Unless you have another flow with the homey geofencing changing the Tado geofence… but that would be overcomplicating things

So the trigger from Tado “Home/Away status changes” does not work and could be because of a bug or the subscription. You could also let a user trigger it, and that DOES work.

If Bart left home, then blabla works! Strange…

Homey does not have a nice general trigger saying “if everybody is away, then…”

It would always be IF somebody left home AND nobody is at home, THEN …

Seems to be a good summary.

I’m using the tado geofencing (plus other presence detection methods) to set the homey presence status for each homey user. Then I have a flow using the homey presence trigger for someone left and nobody home plus another flow for someone arrives to do the actual work.

Alright, I got it working properly. Maybe nobody cares, but this is what I have done :slight_smile: With the app Better Logic I have created a Boolean variable “Home/Away”.
Flow 1:
IF somebody comes home, THEN set boolean TRUE.
Flow 2:
IF somenbody left AND nobody is at home THEN set boolean FALSE.
Temperature control flow:
IF the boolean changes AND nobody is at home THEN set temp at 16degrees ELSE activate smart schedule.

I even added some flows for Guests and if outside temp is above 18 C.
And a manual button to force heating on
And a manual button to force the Someone home =True/False.
Buttons above in case geofencing does not work or a non house member is in the house.
Or in case during the day the temperature is flipping just above 18 and below 18 degrees.

If outside temp is Higher than 18C then switch all rooms to Off (uit)
In case of an Else function start a second flow from a flow to do the else function.

An a final flow at 22:45, to force all Tado’s to Smart scheme, if outside temp is below 18C and no buttons, else (2the flow) switch Tado’s to Off.
To be sure that in the Spring/Autumn if someone switch on heating in a room it is set back to the smart or off position it should be.

And some flows for workroom with a PIR, if nobody is in the room for more that 10 minutes, switch Tado to Smart or Off (depending of outside temp and buttons).

BTY Geofencing of Tado is the best working of all possibilities I tried (and very stable at this moment (Homey firmware 1.5.3). Only other option I could do; a Tag reader with tokens for each house member to switch alarm and heating on/off as a replacement of auto geofencing.

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Hey guys. Think there’s something crucial wrong here:
Geofencing of Tado is not by subscription.
Automations are by subscription, Only.

When u leave home: you get a push msg, asking you to switch Tado off or not.
This can be automated by Tado by subscription.

Dunno what that circumstance changes but I think it could be possible to use tados geofencing (which is one of the best I experienced in the last 3 years).
As I will buy a new tado set these days I’ll try this.

Hi Mario, I already have it working. It is now using the Tado geofencing and without any subscription. Works perfect!
I created a variable (Home) which can be Yes or No.
IF General Tado Home/Away status changes
AND user1 is at home OR user2 is at home
THEN set Home to Yes
ELSE set Home to No.

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Didn’t install it yet as I will set up the whole home network new (can’t wait to do so :weary: )
I will then directly cross check the presence flow you made (thx for that!!!) w/ the new v2.4 update on presence of Homey under iOS.

So, There should always be one person asking the stupid question. That’s me today! How do you add the OR as part of your logical function???

Hi Koen, if you are making the flow on your mobile, just hold and drag the function a bit down and the OR name will appear.
Let me know if this works for you.


Easy as that! haha. Thanks a lot, that worked. Now that we’re on it: these flows manually adjust the temperature (going around Tado). However, I do not see a possibility to change the ‘home’ vs. ‘away’ setting in Tado. This would be way more convenient as all the Tado settings can be applied from the app (e.g. when setting different ‘away’ temperatures for different days).