Tado V3+ Auto-Assist necessary when using Homey?

Hi all,

I am thinking about buying a Tado V3+ thermostat. This thermostat has some nice features of which 2 (open window detection automation and location based events automation) are only available on a paid subscription plan of €2,99 per month.

I don’t want to pay for this subscription for various reasons so my question is: can Homey automate these events based on trigger flow cards in the Tado app? Are there users of the V3+ version whom have experience with this?

Thanks for your response in advance :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have this setup (however I purchased Tado before they started charging for those features).

You can easily do flows for those exact functions in Homey. Just sensors on windows that set the Tado to off once open, and back to on when closed.
Then run a flow for prescense to start heating/change temp and so on.

Hi everyone, tado v3+ for air conditionair , Is really working with homey? I Need ti buy and online thermostat for condictionar but i Will an " homey product " thanks