Tado AC control and Homey

I’m using tado AC controller to control my air conditioning unit, which is capable of heating and cooling etc. I “paired” the tado with my Homey and having some difficulties:

  1. The tado app doesn’t have controls for changing the AC control mode, fan speed etc. Does anybody know is this a feature that is incoming later on?
  2. When I try to change the temperature via flow or straight from the device the Homey gives error “Error sending value (422 Unprocessable Entity)”. Can anyone clarify what’s the problem?

My main idea is to use the Homey to control the AC unit via flows and tado should be operating in between just as a “gateway” to my AC unit. With these issues it’s not working.

Tado app is 3.0.3
Homey version 2.3.0

I had the same issue/questions like you did.

The Homey Tado app only supports thermostatic controls. See readme:

This way the Tado Smart AC is in charge of the fan speed, heating/cooling etc.
Hence why these settings aren’t available on the Homey app.

Changing your Smart AC to thermostatic will also solve your second issue.

I’m also not happy the way it works right now but this is the situation we’re in right now.

Thanks for the fast answer. I had thought that this could be the problem.

Well I think I manage the Tado with IFTTT scripts to work around this.

Hopefully they add the functionality to “manual” control the AC with Homey via Tado.

Google Assistant is able to control the Tado Smart AC in both situations so that’s what I’ve been using since.

Hi, tado v3+ for air condition, homey can only turno on and off the condictionar or can do nothing ? Thanks

Could be a temporary glitch with a server.
There is also a test version in the store, have you updated to that?

Have someone found a fix to control there Tado Ac controller from homey?
Maybe with google home/apple home/webhook/IFTTT or something else?

Should work with the test app:

If you take a look the flow cards, you’ll find AC related cards