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Tado V3 (+)

Hello all,

I’m considering buying the new Tado thermostat. Anyone knows if this is supported by Homey?

Apart from that, they have a subscription based solution now, just like Nest with their Cams. Anyone knows if this works well? Like weather forecasts etc. Or is it better to get an old Tado and create the intelligence with Homey?

Get a previous version, you’ll retain the current functionality without having to pay for a subscription. It worked really well with Homey, especially presence detection was very useful. But currently there’s an issue with the authentication. Athom is looking into this.

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Thanks for your repl! Do you mean V2 of v3? Afaik v3+ is the subscription based one

If I remember correctly, the only difference between V2 and V3 is Homekit compatability. If you need it, get V3. Otherwise it doesn’t matter. But look it up to be sure.

V3+ is indeed the subscription one.

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