Flow with timer

I’m trying to create a flow, that switches off my Tado thermostats after a set time when doors or windows open, and if closed again it will resume heating after a given time, but have a bit of difficulty figuring out the delays/count down options. So basically I want:

If door or window group is opened - turn of Tado zone after two minutes (as I don’t want it to turn on/off every time somebody comes in).
If door/window group is closed again heating resumes.
If door/window group is triggered during the two minute countdown period, countdown resets/starts over.
As long as the door/window group is triggered the heat will not turn back on…

I tried using the Tado delay, but that simply resulted in the heat turning off after set delay, no matter if doors/windows had been closed again…

Any suggestions?

The Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey app or similar apps have many options to start, pause, resume or revoke timers to get the things done that you want to achieve.

Doesn’t your tado have the open window detection? Works fine overhere, it disables the heating for half an hour, or until the target temp is changed. I only let it Homey trigger speech and chilling wind sounds, so someone’s gonna close a door/window :wink:

It does, but i would like to have homey control it instead, to get more flexibility, as I would like the door
/window sensors to trigger if heating turns back on, and not time.

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I understand, but I don’t want a wireless switch or a Homey switch off my heating system.

This is an extreme example of “what to do”:
What if:
It freezes -10°C outside. Door A is open, or the doorcontact thinks it is open.
There’s no one around, to close that door, or you are asleep.
Do you want your heating to hold until that door is closed?
I would want it to start heating if temp drops below a certain point, say 10°C.

I assume tado starts heating anyway if temp drops below 5°C

On top of the Tado window detection, which is rather limited because it only stops a radiator for a fixed amount of time (it can’t tell if the window closes) I also implemented my own version.

I do not shut the radiator off entirely, I just lower the target temp significantly. That helps prevent heating the garden rather than the room, but also won’t let the room get too cold.

If a door is open for a long time with no one around at freezing outside temp, I think I have bigger problems than an urgent need to revise my flows :slight_smile:

sounds just like what I’m after - could you share your flow?

It’s more than one flow to get things right, and I do take more things into account such as the fact that I also turn heating of in bedrooms based on who’s home and who’s not, so I’l take one that is simpler and not personalised. I also stripped out some other stuff, so I hope I kept the right bits :slight_smile: :

Did you see your problem. I am facing the same issue. Please gibe some solution related my issue.