While a window is opened then Thermostat off

Hello Homey community :wave:
When one of my windows keep opened more than 5 minutes I would like my thermostat to turn off.
Then it gets back ON with closing.

How would you do that with flow ? I’m not used to it because I was on Jeedom before.

Thanks for your help.

Which type thermostat, Tado, Netatmo etc. ??? And contact?

Make a timer. I make timers with the Countdown app . Making the timer is stated in this topic, first post.
Make some flows:
WHEN windows closes THEN turn on Thermostat AND stop timer.
WHEN window opens THEN start timer for 300 seconds.
WHEN timer is empty THEN turn down thermostat.

This is just an example. U will get other comments with “i like the timers app more then the countdown app” and stuff like that. This is just to help u get started.


I’m using Tado thermostat. And contact with both Aqara and Fibaro

Many thanks for your help. I’ll try your solution :wink:

@Maxime I’ve doen this also via aqara sensors latly:
When contact alarm goes on, then switch tado to disabled zone
when contact alarm goes off, then switch tado to auto shedule

i don’t like the timer in that action, also i’ve disabled the auto window open detection for the rooms i’ve used the sensors, else they have collided with both actions.

As per the two Gentleman’s posts above, there are many methods.
Here below sharing mine, it can be improved a lot, I am sure.

  1. A door/window open for X amount of time. I want to stop the heating if specific door or windows are opened. In my case those door/windows have various type of sensors (Xiaomi, Fibaro). First I did create a group of all those particular sensors, using the Group App Then I created a Countdown Timer using the Countdown app as per above post by Roco. My first simple flow looks like this.

    I want my heating to stop after 60 sec. of door/window open, in your case have 300 sec.

  2. After the timer has lapsed, I set my thermostat to AWAY. I have a Netatmo, perhaps Tado can do the same or maybe just set it to a low temperature which will have your boiler off.
    Here is the second simple flow.

  3. If my sensor group is now closed before the timer runs out, then I want the timer to stop so it does not turn off the heating. Say for example I opened the back door to go out in the backyard then closed it after me. So I don’t want the heating to stop just because of that.
    Here is my second flow. This one accounts for both door closed before timer runs out (it stops then the timer) and door closed after time runs out (by now the thermostat has been stoped by the flow at point 2 above) by using the ELSE condition.

One last thing I have implemented, when the Thermostat is set on “Frost-Guard” mode I disable all the above three flows (I do this with a flow of course). This is so the above flows don’t run during summer time. When the weather gets warm I usually set manually my thermostat in Frost-Guard mode. Of course you can have this automated, too.

Good luck!

Tado has this functionality built-in as well. Based on sudden temperature drops it stops heating for a custom defined period. Why not use that instead?

Hello :wave:
I enabled it for a while but never worked. Actually I don’t know how it can detect my windows really opened…

Pretty simple; if the temperature drops an unusual amount in a short period, it labels it as an open door/window. It then turns of heating as the temperature will rise again once the window/door is closed. It works surprisingly well to be honest because it doesn’t react if the temperature drops very slow (so a window that opens for a brief period doesn’t really affect the room but a door that opens when it is freezing outside will).

If you are not using tado you can do the exact same thing with a flow; IF temperature drops more than .3 degrees in 5 minutes THAN Disable heating for X minutes. Works flawlessly and only initiates when the temperature is actually affected, not when it simply sees a door open/close briefly.

@Hannes85 i avoid using that for my bathroom and sleeping room, as many times the longest timer doesn’t was long enough and i came back just to found my heater glowing hot. with the flows i just stop that case and also let the window open for longer then 60 minutes (after detection)

Hi there. I have same problem. :frowning: I need heating off when I open the window. Set temperature back after window is closed. I use the Spirit z-wave thermostat.

A zone is active when a contact sensor is open - you could piggy back into the “active” state of the one to determine when to shut off the other device. If you looking for a simple solution

Just set the mode of your Spirit to “Off” when window is opened and set back to “Heating” (called Comfort) when window is clodes. Then you don’t need to change the temperature.

HI folks. I have TADO (2 Smart thermostats and 12 Smart Thermostat Radiator Valve=STRV) and many other stuff under the Homey. Problem of some explanation above is that TADO has only interval for heating OFF from 1 minute to 60 minutes (even though the scale shows more hours, it cannot be set above 1 hour). This is why I look for simple Window sensor to STRV flow that would secure no heating until window to be kept open. Surely I can set up flow that sensor turn off STRV but I am unsure how to turn STRV back to normal operation mode once the window get closed. Can you please advise?

The Eurotronic Spirit thermostats are connected directly to Homey with Z-Wave. So the app can use all possibilities of them like the heating mode:

I don’t know the TADO thermostats or the app if there is something similar. But perhaps their API/Gateway doesn’t offer only temperature and nothing like a mode.

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@Marian_Satko the Flows when used with tado° offer the following two situations (on / off):
Heating Off is called: Disable the Zone
Heating On (back to normal (smart Schedule)): Activate Smart Schedule

works very well with these two situations. There are also other Cards avail to set the temp, set temp until time expires, set temp until smart schedule changes, disable until time expires, disable until smart schedule changes and activate zone.

But with no paid account you only receive an push message

Hi Carp3-noctem,

I got my Tado now (thanks for the advice :wink: and programmed the same flow with Aqara window sensors to switch on/off heating of the Tado Thermostates. However I need a way that those flows are not activated during the non - heating period. Doing it only within May - Sept is not grnular enough. How do you manage that?

Thanks and Regards,

I have setup a other flow that disabled / enabled this depending on the avarage outside Temperature over the day.