While a window is opened then Thermostat off

I have not a Tado but the principle is the same , i think.

I have made several flows that just put the setpoint of the thermostat to 15 degrees if a window/ door sensor opens for longer then 5 min.

In normal situation this means that the heating stops.

If door or Window closes then heating wil start automatically depending on movements and time of day.

Ok Thanks. But my question was how to automatically disable the heating set when windows close if it is not heating season (e.g. May - Sept). I dont want to send the heating schedule to the thermostates when windows closes in summer time.

I am thking about a global variable “Heatig Season” = true/false and then check this variable in the flow.

Any other ideas ?


The flow from @seiko to stop heating is only running when the heating is working i think.
When the heating is not working he have to stop nothing. You don’t send then something, at that moment nothing happens.
WHEN door/window open
AND heating is on
THEN stop heating.

If the heating is of nothing happens.

Or what doe you mean exactly? For me it is not clear.

I do not really understand why you worry about the heating season. I lower the desired temp and set it back. This desired temp is true in any season, and the heater won’t do anything of it’s too hot outside.

But if you think it is of any use, why not simply put a month range test in all the flows? There’s a “month is between” test in the date/time cards.

Better yet, I would let the flows react to the outside temperature if you don’t want the flow to trigger when it’s hot outside, and not just assume it’s hot outside the heating season.

You can use a flow card to disable some of the flows when the window closes, and enable them again when the window opens. I use this a lot for start/end type flows where the end flow should not trigger unless the start action was performed beforehand.

it would be interesting to be able to do what you say but how do you say ‘drops 0.3 in 5 minutes’? I have a netatmo and the flow cards only allow you to see if the temperature has changed, if it drops, or if it rises.