Tado open window flow not working

The Tado open window detection doesnt work in a flow. The Tado app gives an open window message, but the flow in Homey is not fired.

Is it required to purchase the Auto Assist plan for the ‘open window’ flow to work? (I do not want to add additional window switches)

Hi @Henk_Naber,
the question might be stupid, but what do you need the information for? Personally I found the detection not being very reliably to begin with. But if you rely on it then your tado system would take care of everything anyways.
If you need the info for anything else than heating, maybe contacting Athom support directly would be helpful as the tado app is made by Athom.

Yes, Tado can take care of it, but that requires the Auto Assist subscription plan. I would like to do it with Homey to save money.
The Tado app gives the open window notification, but Homey doesnt fire the open-window flow.

Seems not to be working indeed. Reading the topic made me decide to make my own flow. But it is not triggered when open window detection is active at Tado side.

Tado can see a window opening by a drop in temperature, but then simply stops heating for a period of time because it can’t tell when the window closes. I know you said you didn’t want that, but isn’t it a way better option to put an actual door sensor on the window and act on that? Xiaomi has very small, good and cheap ones (either the Aquara or the Mi) which you can get for a nice price from Bangood or Aliexpress. Those sensors can be used for much more, e.g. alarms with the Heimdahl app.
It’s quite likely Tado won’t trigger window flows because you don’t have smart assist.

I have the Aqara sensors on each window. And flow to stop heating when open en start smart schedule when closed. This just works perfectly. On the plus side you also have the option to include these in a Security system with the heimdall app. I also have a Google assistant Routine setup to start a flow that checks if any windows are open when leaving the house. There are countless opportunities with adding the sensors to your smart home.