Tado | Home/away flow

You can’t change the home/away setting, your location will determine that.
You probably can set different away temperatures for different days. Easiest way would be with different flows.

When Home/Away status changes
Koen’s phone is away
It’s Monday
Change living room to 18 degrees

Why do you add the check on the phone? :slight_smile:
Just for insight

Generally it does not work anymore, the Homey Tado app does not support Geo location (Home/Away) anymore. Removed by Athom from the app, I think 2 weeks ago.

ah, I see. that makes it… way less useful I’d say.

In the Dutch section we have spoken about some solutions:

App like MacroDroid (Geo + SSID detection) on an Android phone or Node-Red for reading the Tado status and send a webhook to Homey seems the most succesful.

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