Tado app options


Does anyone know if it is possible to setup a flow starting with ‘if Tado starts firing’ (that is, sends signal to heater to heat up) then ‘turn on smart plug’ (for the heat pump)? I do find heating capacity and e.g. hot water turned on / off in the descriptions of the app, but can’t find these back in de flow cards. Does anyone know how or what?


If heating capacity changes
And capacity is bigger then 1% (use Logic card)
Then turn on smart plug

It would be great to use that, but where can I find that option? It’s mentioned in the app summary, but not in any of the cards. Any suggestions on that?

Maybe you are you using an old version of the tado app?
I’m on V3.03 and I am using the flowcard below:
Translation: “heating capacity changes”

That’s odd, I do have version 3.03, but don’t see this flow card. However, you seem to use the knob thermostat. I only use the wall unit (starter pack). Any difference in that?

Got it! Next to device ‘House’ (woning) I had to add device zone ‘Living room’ (woonkamer) which is the actual thermostat and not the environment around the house (which is device ‘Woning’)