Connecting Tado V3+ with smart plug (NeoCoolcam in this case)

Hi all,

I’m a happy user of Homey (although a bit slow sometimes) and now at the point to install a Tado thermostat. We have floor heating and during the summer I shut down the pump for it by integrating a smart plug and having it off for the whole day, except for half an hour in the evening (to prevent rust in the pipelines).

Now, in order to continue the shut down of the pump during the winter (except when it is needed for heating up), I would like to use the Tado app and have a flow that says “when Tado turns on the main kettle (Intergas CV), turn on the pump for the floor heating”. My question: which of the options in the Tado app should I use to start the flow?

If anyone of you has a working example, that would be even better!

Looking forward to any suggestions!

I use as Tado Trigger in the flow target temperature. If the Tado schedule changes the target temperature the flow runs an and switches my plug on.

To decide if the plug should switch on or off I use the And ( Und Bedingungen in German).
If target higher as current switch on.
Second flow for the opposite.