Tado - Hot Water Control - On Off how to enable in Homey?


I fairly new to Homey and now moving everything across to it.

It is Ok but doesn’t reflect what the radiators do and can take hours to detect changes.

The Tado App to control it is very responsive.

Also I cannot find out how to add Hot Water Control, the Tado iPhone App allows me to manage the hot water but the Homey Tado App does not.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

The tado Athom app is very basic…

I’ll recommend the tadoZones community app by Martin Verbeek

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Hi installed the community app.

Added all the devices, cannot see how to turn hot water on off.

I have a lounge Tado thermostat but not one on the water heater.

As far as I can tell, turn Tado hot water on and the hot water tank manages heat delivery, ie gas furnace tuns on, valve sets to hot water tank, hot water flows through tank until thermostat triggers valve to go back to heating, Hot water turns off.

If Tado turns off hot water before reaching target temp then it has done its best.

But I cannot find out how to turn on the how water.

Ideally, I can decide between using the gas furnace or cheap rate elec, I can turn on off the elec immersion heater but cannot control the HW through Homey.

Not a big issue, I can manually turn off HW in the Tado app on my iPhone

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It is not ‘really’ OFF indeed, but I consider water of 5 °C as not ever going to be / need to be heated :grimacing:

I don’t think tado turns the Hotwatermode Off when it reached the target temperature. When it’s status is Smart Schedule, it keeps the water on a target temperature, but it’s not continuous heating.

I think we have different systems.

My Tado does not have a thermostat on the water it is either on or off, the thermostat on the hot water tank controls it.

The Tado I have is more of a Heat up Hot Water at this time for up to one hour.