Tado - Hot Water Control - On Off how to enable in Homey?


I fairly new to Homey and now moving everything across to it.

It is Ok but doesn’t reflect what the radiators do and can take hours to detect changes.

The Tado App to control it is very responsive.

Also I cannot find out how to add Hot Water Control, the Tado iPhone App allows me to manage the hot water but the Homey Tado App does not.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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The tado Athom app is very basic…

I’ll recommend the tadoZones community app by Martin Verbeek

Flow cards

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Hi installed the community app.

Added all the devices, cannot see how to turn hot water on off.

I have a lounge Tado thermostat but not one on the water heater.

As far as I can tell, turn Tado hot water on and the hot water tank manages heat delivery, ie gas furnace tuns on, valve sets to hot water tank, hot water flows through tank until thermostat triggers valve to go back to heating, Hot water turns off.

If Tado turns off hot water before reaching target temp then it has done its best.

But I cannot find out how to turn on the how water.

Ideally, I can decide between using the gas furnace or cheap rate elec, I can turn on off the elec immersion heater but cannot control the HW through Homey.

Not a big issue, I can manually turn off HW in the Tado app on my iPhone

Screenshot from 2022-09-16 16-12-10

It is not ‘really’ OFF indeed, but I consider water of 5 °C as not ever going to be / need to be heated :grimacing:

I don’t think tado turns the Hotwatermode Off when it reached the target temperature. When it’s status is Smart Schedule, it keeps the water on a target temperature, but it’s not continuous heating.

I think we have different systems.

My Tado does not have a thermostat on the water it is either on or off, the thermostat on the hot water tank controls it.

The Tado I have is more of a Heat up Hot Water at this time for up to one hour.

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@Busta999 I suspect you have what I have which is a full Tado system including Hot Water Extension to enable sending hot water to storage tank and not radiators. In the Tado phone app I can turn on Hot Water by itself and not rads

This topic is marked as solved when it is not

Mine looks like yours, I can control and schedule Hot Water.

Just can’t see how to control hot water in Homey.

This won’t let me add a second photo, so will add it in the next post

From having wondered about this months and months ago I’m not sure how much of Europe actually had hot water storage tanks. Discussing this seems to confuse many who assume that hot water all goes to radiators. But it does indeed look like we have the same set up

Why? :upside_down_face:

I’m busy testing with Martin to get the hotwater thing straight.
To read along (tadoZones topic is in Dutch):

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It was marked solved because I was told I was using the wrong Tado app and that I needed stop using the Athom Tado app and use the Tado Zones to fix the missing Water Heater.

Being able to control the Tado Water in Homey is a nice to have, but not critical :slight_smile:

I have just finished updating central heating and hot water in my house along with adding 20kWh of batteries.

We need very little hot water, the power showers, washing machine, dishwasher etc all heat their own water.

So have just a 90l tank that can be heated by the gas system boiler under Tado control or an elec immersion heater that I was using Homey to control it, but will move it to a Sonoff Pow Elite 20a controller.

Using cheap rate energy 8.25p for 5 hours at night, I charge the car, house batteries, hot water, dishwashing, clothes washing, clothes dryer etc.

That way I only use about 350wh of peak rate per day.

I had the system boiler and immersion moved to the downstairs utility room, so if need to move to a heat store or heat pump in 15-20 years.

It was marked solved because I was told I was using the wrong Tado app and that I needed stop using the Athom Tado app and use the Tado Zones to fix the missing Water Heater.

Ah I see. Indeed tadoZones has HotWater the options, but it isn’t working as expected yet :wink: That’s why I wondered how your question could be set to ‘solved’ :upside_down_face:

Yeh sorry about that

The eternal optimist :slight_smile:


Right, found something today entirely by accident. There are “when” cards after one of my zone thermostats for Turn Hot Water On and Turn Hot Water Off. In the Tado app Hot Water is its own device, in Homey it is not. Confusing but now I’ve found it I have added it to flows and confirmed that it works. Now when, at sunset, if myenergie has not transferred at least 3Kwh to my hot water tank from my SolarEdge system, the hot water via oil fired boiler and Tado Homey turns hot water on for 30 minutes.

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I see that you can’t “reactivate” the Hot Water schedule. Today I have a flow that allows me to turn on the hot water when I press a button on the bathroom light (outside the set times). But after a certain delay, I’d like to switch the Hot Water back to the setting defined on Tado. In other words, the equivalent of the heating’s “Resume Smart Schedule”. This doesn’t seem possible, as I don’t have the card. How can I do this?

Which tado app?

I use the official version of Tado… I have not been able to install tadoZones unfortunately I have the impression that there is a bug on Homey Community Store, you can not authenticate and therefore proceed with the installation.

Edit: the installation worked, but it’s the authentication on the HCS site that doesn’t work.

Ah I see.
Yes there were issues with the hcs site/app, they’re working on it.