Error handling in scripts and flows

Dear readers,
I have created a homey script to turn on and off devices, in an attempt to make certain devices more reliable that have connection problems. So a software solution, in addition to optimizing the network by installing some extra nodes.
The script is started from an advanced flow. E.g. when button pushed, start enhanced flow, that starts the script to turn on a “problematic” light. The script keeps trying in a loop until success.
Anyway, the first results seem promising.

Now my question : In the script I have error handling, in case of an error I can log the error or I can throw a new error. Throwing makes the error visible on flow level, but only when I test the flow on my computer, so only useful when debugging.
The log function only works when debugging on script level.
What I would like is to have some kind of “event log”, where I can see al the errors that have been throwded, and/or al the output of the log functions from the scrips. Similar like the windows event log. It can be a plain text file, database, whatever. Sending everything to a mail address would be an option, but that would create heavy mail load, so I am looking for something easy and light-weight, readable from the homey app if possible.
Perhaps it exists and I have not found it, otherwise any bright ideas are welcome.
Kind regards Theo

check simple (sys)log

You can attach a card to the error output of a flow card, and for instance create a timeline notification for it:

Thanks looks easy, I’ll give it a try