Detecting failing App

New (ish) to Homey.

Trying to work out a way to detect when an App fails, specifically the Athom Hue App, I have raised a ticket and sent link to diagnostic log, but all I got was to check the psu.

So I created an advanced flow to report to me when the Hue App crashes, but it does not work, ie does not detect the Hue App crashing.

Is there another way to detect it failing or a viable alternative, I have now got 90 bulbs and 20 motion sensors on two gen 2 hue hubs.

The only alternative I know of is to just force a restart of the Hue App every couple of hours, but that will cause issues because I rely on the Hue motion/luminance/temp sensors.

Any ideas?

This app has an alert for broken flows. When an app is paused or crashed, the flows used by it, will break.

Use that card, and enter (part of) a flowname (a flow which uses flowcards for that app) as Logics condition.

You can restart the app automatically with the same flow which is triggered by “When a flow is broken”

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Much appreciated.

I have installed Flow Checker and set it up to monitor if a Flow that uses Hue devices fails and should report to me.

I wonder if anyone can work out whey this Advanced Flow does not work?

You’re welcome.

That flow should work, only I should connect the “restart” card directly with the triggercard, OR draw a red error line from the timeline card to the “restart” card.

I think I’ve never had the event “app crashed” on my Homey. Most app failures are apps getting disabled or paused. And that can be solved with the FC app,

and with Adv.Flow.

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Unfortunately the Athom Hue App crashes several times a day :slight_smile:

No Hue here :upside_down_face:

I have been running with Hue for many many years, they have been absolutely solid, 2 hubs, the first time I have experienced an issue is the Athom Homey App.