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Hue app keeps crashing

Since the update, the Hue app on Homey keeps crashing.
Everytime a flow is triggered, the hue app crashes.
Anyone else having the same issues?

First before anyone can help…… wich hue app . with or without bridge

With the bridge, i didn’t even know you could control your Hue lights without a hue-bridge.
IT is only the hue app in homey that crashes. Luckily I can still use the hue app on my phone. Before the update, everything worked like a charm.

i thought i solved the issue, but it seems I didn’t.
I have a voice controlled flow that needs to switch on / of specific lights. Most of them are Hue.
If i give the voice command 'OK Homey, i’m going upstairs , homey gives the following reply:
“I don’t know who’s speaking. You need to use the smartphone app or the voice integration for this command”.
Then the hue app crashes.

In the previous version Homey replied something like: ‘Ok, have fun’ or ‘I will keep an eye out over here’ and ran the flow perfectly.