Hue app total meltdown

I’ve been using Homey for two years now and I am very happy with it. But since two weeks I have a major issue with the Hue app. It crashes all the time. When I restart the app it immediately crashes again. I’m running v3.0.10 of the Hue App on Homey 2.0.

I tried all the usual:

  • Restarting the app
  • Reboot Homey
  • Rebooting Hue Bridge

There is nothing wrong with hue itself. I can still control my light via the dedicated Hue app. It’s just the app that crashes in Homey.

At one point I got an error message. I can’t recall all the jib jab but what I do remember is that there was something wrong with the battery status of dimmerswitch. But it didn’t say which dimmerswitch or what exactly went wrong.

I’m kind of out of my options here. My whole house is operated through and Homey. I don’t have any physical light switches so I’m kind of depending on thing working automatically.

Hope anyone can help me finding light at the end of this tunnel :slight_smile:



Did you check if the ip-adress of the bridge changed? Did you give the bridge a fixed ip-adress?


I’m not sure… How can I check this?


Check settings on the Hue Gateway (first icon), the IP adress should be the same as the one you find when you click on Hue Bridge in the Hue app (Philips phone app) and then the i (information circle).

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