Philips Hue app crashes every time I leave

Hello all,

Since two weeks I am the proud owner of a Homey Pro. Before that, I had a ‘regular’ Homey, from which I used the backup to set up the Homey Pro.

Eversince I have the Homey Pro, a very annoying problem introduced itself. Whenever the last person leaves the house, I configured all lights to switch off, including all my Philips Hue light bulbs. But when I open the Homey app later, I see the red triangle on all my Hue devices. When I go to the apps section of the Homey app, I see that the Philips Hue app has a ‘pause’ icon right next to it.

I have to reboot the app or reboot the homey, which is not a convenient thing to do everytime I leave the house. I know I can automate this using some flows, but I’d rather see a solution to this problem.

This is what I see when I open the Homey app:

You can try and contact Athom, the maker of the app, through their support form.

The Hue app has been unstable for some people for over a year now, so it’s difficult to say if they can provide you with a solution.

Are you using Hue-Bridge V1 (Round) or V2? When using Hue-Bridge > Fixed Ip on Hue-Bridge? Latest Firmware on Hue-Bridge?

I have the V2 version of the bridge. The Hue Bridge has a fixed IP yes, and is in the same subnet as the Homey.

What you can try Yourself to solve this annoying problem is automatically restart the hue app every night and restart Homey every week. This solves a lot of the problems.

Ofcourse also make a ticket at Athom, they should solve this very annoying bug.

Thanks for the tips. I already restart the Homey every night, which seem to solve it (but not the way I like it :slight_smile: ). I think if there is no solution soon, I will also make a flow to reboot the app after I left my house. I guess there is no way to tell if the app has crashed from a flow or from HomeyScript or any other third party app?

I can confirm the issue with the Philips Hue App.
Since over one year I had to restart the App every 3 hours, otherwise the App becomes paused.

But since Homey v4.2.0 experimental the problem seems to be solved.

The memory use drop dramatically down. But not only for the Philips Hue App also for all other Apps.

For me the v4.2.0 is the best update ever. :grinning::grinning:

Aha! I am not too eager to install a beta version, but let’s hope it will be released soon :slight_smile:

I noticed too that the memory usage of Philips Hue is way too much, so this would also be a welcome improvement.

For now I made a very nasty solution…

I check all my Philips Hue motion sensors for changing values (for example temperature or lux). Whenever a value changes, I flip a countdown timer of 5 minutes. If the countdown timer is empty, I restart the Philips Hue app. This means that when none of the sensors has reported a new value in 5 minutes, the app has probably crashed.

Since 24 hours it has only restarted the app once, and that was when I left home :slight_smile:

So until v4.2.0 is released, this is my workaround. I hope this information maybe helps some people

I had similar problems with the Hue app.
Lights will radomly turn on, and the Hue app some how paused it self.

With the latest update the problems are solved, so fingers crossed it stays like that.

Why so complicated?
Why Not restart the app every x hours?

Why restart it when the app is fully functional? :wink:

If the App would be fully functional, there was no need to restart this. :wink:

Because it’s less complicated, Less flows. Regularly restart every x hours before the App becomes paused makes in my opinion more sense. Instead of waiting until the app stop working.

But no matter, the main thing is your solution works and you are happy. :grinning: