Flows are losing its cards


I am experiencing flows who suddenly have an unavailable card. So my smart home becomes more ‘dumb’ now.
How can this happen? Maybe related to Hue devices as it happens to flows with Hue sensors and the Hue Tap.

Starting over again will cost some time I’m afraid and of course I want to know for sure it will not happen again.

It depends on the card, but this typically happens when a device (or app) on which the flow card depends became unavailable (or removed, or in the case of an app, was paused).

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Interesting as I haven’t changed anything last week. Yesterday I already noticed the Hue Tap wasn’t working and since this morning the Hue sensors.

Notice all devices in the Hue app being unavailable….

So that’s the reason your flows are broken. I can’t help with fixing the Hue problem though.

And when you restart app ?

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Hi Sharkys, do you mean restarting the Homey app on my iPhone or the Hue app within the Homey app? For the latter, how to do so?

He would mean the Hue app in Homey.


How can I do this? When I look in the Homey app at “My apps” and open the Hue app, I don’t see a restart option.

Tap on the gear in the top right corner and the restart button is at the bottom.

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I believe it did fix it. Cannot check in real as i’m not at home atm :slight_smile:

Thank you all!

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Btw, it’s possible to restart an app through a flow, e.g. every day at 5 am. This can prevent the app from crashing regularly.
However, if the app crashes regularly without the flow, you should contact the app developer.