Help with 'device has not reported back for x time period'

I have several Fibaro motion sensors and the way they display their battery percentage is not really user friendly. Sometimes at 55% they stop working. So, to know they have stopped working I have created this flow, which I thought should work.

Today I saw one motion sensor being offline, already for 19 days. So, apparently the flow doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

Just to be clear; all my motion sensors have the name ‘bewegingssensor’ in it and testing the flow with a made up name works perfectly.


That trigger will only work for devices that reach the 1-day “not reported” limit while the flow is active. If you just created the flow and you have devices that have not reported for longer than 1 day, it will not trigger for those.

Thanks! The flow has been active for about a month now, so it should have worked if all is set correctly.

Hmm yes, you’d expect so :thinking:

Have you tried running it without the “And” condition?

I can try that, yes. Just to test it out, since that would mean that any device that doesn’t respond for one day (also the ones that aren’t supposed to) triggers a notification.

I can’t find out what’s the trigger of that “device hasn’t reported in x hrs” card.
I got notifications about sensors which were active every x hours, while they should’ve been quiet for the last 24h…

This flow might be interesting, it shows sensor devices (pir/temperature/contact), which didn’t send any update for 24h, and the other ones with a timestamp (if wanted with date & time).
The script used was made by Robert Klep.

Ah, nice! I’ll try that one. Never used HomeyScript before, but there’s a first for everything.

So, for you the standard trigger from Homey didn’t really work either… a shame.

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