Trying to use temperature has not changed for X hours

I am trying to use temperature has not changed for X hours with Fibaro Smoke Detector and Motion Sensors.
This is a backup/better way to determine if the battery is empty.

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@Munnikie , thx for sharing your experiment. Did it work? Can you share an example flow (which app and which action cards did you use?)

I have no solution yet. I use trigger “Device has not reported for X” and was looking for an option to use a general tag like #temperature or #lasttimerepsonded in the “and” section, but those tags are not available.

I also see the trigger “A Sensor Type value has changed”. Would be nice if the trigger could be reversed like “A Sensor Type value has not changed”, then we probably could select like temperature has not changed for X minutes ore 1 day and push a notification.

I am still searching for a way to do this, but I am afraid this is going to be a feature request…?

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Oh it might be worth mentioning, I use standard flows, not advanced.

Try this HomeyScript example:

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For a while I used a similar idea to monitor an app that has a tendency to silently die and stop updating measurements.
What I did was to use the Chronograph app and two flows. One flow to “Start or replace” a Chronograph timer each time a temperature value changed and one flow that was triggered when said timer finished which would then send the notification.
The idea is that the timer should never finish as long as data is updated so you have to set the timer for long enough time that the value absolutely positively will have changed to avoid a false alarm.

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Thx! This resolved my issue and I as I stated earlier, I now think this is the best way to be notified if the battery empty.

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