Trigger on devices that has not reported in specific zone

Searched for this, but cant find any good tips, so I’ll ask.

I want to create a flow that triggers when a device has not reported for a while.
There are a trigger for “Device hasnt reported in…”. And that works.
But it triggers on more things than I want.
My goal is to see that temp sensors in for example fridge/freezer report as they should.
But making a general flow with “Device has not reported” will also give me reports on for example . I also have some old (not so important) sensors (433) that does nreport so often, and those I dont care about.
So I was looking for an “And…” that said for example “If device is in zone xxx”.
But for what I can figure out, it is all or notinng.
Maybe I can of course set a variable or countdown any time a specific sensor change temp, and trigger on that, but the I will have to do a couple of flows for every sensor I’d like to keep track on, so it would be much easier to just arrow down the report trigger to a specific zone for example.
Any tips on how to solve this?

Of course. Did not look for the tags in “Logic/is exact”, but there was the zone.
Perfect, Thanks!!

hello, I did exactly this before reading this thread. But when I turn off the power to a unit in the zone, it is not sending me a push-message. What could be the reason? The device is a jacusi connected to a Aeotec power meter. My idea was that when Homey lost connection to the Aeotec, it would tell me after 5 minutes. How can I troubleshoot this, or is there an alternative solution to this? I also tried “Changed power, current”, but that is not working, because once the power is cut, there is no change…