Motion Sensors make me crazy

I have the issue that different motion sensors dont’t start the flow.
I have tested the Philips Hue and Ikea Motion sensors. Both devices have the same behavior.
What do I wrong ?

Thanks for any hint or advice.

Try to rule out what is the problem. Make a simple flow, WHEN the motion sensor turns on, THEN turn light on.

If this works the sensor is not the problem.

Second check the flow you want to start. When i make this kind of flows, i copy the name if the flow that has to be started and paste it into the field which flow has to be started. That way you can’t misspell your flow.

If this doesn’t work it must be the flow that will be triggered. In that case share those flows so we can have a look at it.

In all cases is your mesh ok, do you have enough NOT battery operated devices to make a good mesh

But if it doesn’t work, it’s either the sensor or the light :woozy_face:Creating a timeline notification might be a bit more failsafe.


Thanks for your answers. I created very easy flows. This is not the issue, please believe it.
The support doesn’t give any help. I think so complexly it is not. What can I do wrong ?

I have more Z-Wave devices as Zigbee. But I would say also the Zigbee devices are connected properly.
Also every motion is dedetced properly in the system history, also the icon the Homey is working properly., but it never starts a flow…that make me creasy.

Zigbee Network :

You have quite a lot of end devices and not a lot of router, so it might be caused by an imbalance in your Zigbee network.

Thanks, I don’t know how should it optimized ?

The motion is detected properly

Here a very simple flow

You need more routers for a better Zigbee network.

But given that the timeline is showing that the device is triggering, and assuming that the flow you’re trying to trigger isn’t disabled, it seems like there’s a bug somewhere, in which case you need to contact Athom ( and tell them about it.

IKEA and Hue montion sensors do not work the same way. Hue senses motion while there is motion, while Ikea senses motion and stays on for several minutes after the motion has been detected. Thus it will not detect motion again until the time period is over.