Buienradar - no report for long time

Has anybody noticed an issue with Buienradar lately

I am using the Buienradar, with a trigger of 15 minutes before rain starts. Then a message will be send. However, I have not seen any notification for the last weeks. A test run of the flow does work. Other apps do seem to work as well. Homey is rebooted every week. Just curious whether other people experience the same thing.

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I was wondering the same thing.
Haven’t had any notifications from Homey lately.

Looks like the Buienradar-app has vanished from the app store…

I have reported an issue to the support desk

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Looks like it is changed as rainradar

Yes, the app ID is still buienradar:

Now that you mention it, today it was clearly raining but didn’t got the announcement from Homey that it will start raining in 5 minutes.

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Also my workaround from yahooweather; humidity >95% doesn’t work. Maybe the app already changed the firmware to 2.0?

Probleem is nog steeds niet opgelost, duurt lang

I downloaded the rainradar but it does not show in my apps although it is on the Homey app site

Are there broken links with RainRadar in your flows?

Yes, i missed that, sorry, is ok now

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The same here.
No warnings from Buienradar in the new V2.0 app.
Any Ideas?


Seems to have gotten an update yesterday :)! Let’s hope it works properly again.

Update seems to contain more logging, guess to investigate the problems.