Buienalarm, can't configure

This afternoon, my (sun) screens got wet; Homey did not react on Buienradar (Rainradar).
Now, I want to use Buienalarm, but when I click the button CONFIGURE in the app, the ‘wheel keeps on turning’ in the white screen. I can’t configure anything…
I de-installed the app, restarted Homey, but this did not help.
Of course, the question: what’s there to configure? Location?

Well, there is nothing to configure anyways. It shows the forecast for the upcoming two hours. But it works fine for me.

A forecast is not 100% dummy proof. Therefore i also use a rain gauge. But still isn’t perfect, because there gas to fall some rain before a flow can react.

It looks to me that the positioning is not working well. I got a notification that it was going to rain. When I looked at Buienradar (not -alarm) I saw that in other places it was going to rain, but not at my place…

The mentioned screen keeps white…

I also see a spinning wheel on the configuration page. There was a rain today, and my phone’s Buienalarm notified me for it. Homey kept silent. I don’t think the localization is correct. But I also can’t see anything on the configuration screen.

Same here


@MarcelT , I think there’s something wrong with the location. I setup a testflow: tell me when it’s going to rain.
It was often wrong. I could see that there was rain in The Netherlands; but not at our place. And the other way around…
Maybe you can have a look?