New to Homey, will this flow work? Checks for rain

Basically I am really new to all of this so I am tinkering and using Google a lot, however I can’t test this one since rain isn’t incoming anytime soon.

Basically curious to see what you guys think.

First a little background. I have Athom Homey Pro. For this specific setup, I have a Somfy Sunscreen connected through the Somfy RTS app by Athom. The only feedback I get is whether it is in the up, still or down mode. Not how far up or anything like that. I also installed the Buienalarm app (weather app) by Marcel Timmermans.

My intended goal is, if it starts raining and my sunscreen is down, I want it to go up.

To start out I created a Text Variable (Boolean would also work, but I wanted to get fancy I suppose), “Zonnescherm_OpenDicht” set to Dicht.

After that I created 3 flows:

1. ZonneschermOpen
IF Somfy RTS status is changed to “Omlaag”
THEN Set Logic Zonnescherm_OpenDicht to “Open”

2. ZonneschermDicht
IF Somfy RTS status is changed to “Omhoog”
THEN Set Logic Zonnescherm_OpenDicht to “Dicht”

3. ZonneschermRegen
IF Buienalarm it starts raining in 5 minutes
AND Logic Zonnescherm_OpenDicht is exactly “Open”
THEN Set Somfy RTS to “Omhoog” + Send push notification + Set Somfy RTS to “Still” after 10 seconds

Very curious if I am missing anything or if you guys think this might work?

EDIT: Just realized a flaw. If the sunscreen is 100% down, but I want to move it up like 50% because the sun is moving, but not all the way. I would press up and then still. So status would be set to “Dicht”. That means it won’t automatically close because status is “Dicht” despite it being open. Any tips?

Dont use up but only stil (in your 3 flow). Stl is also "voorkeur stand " in somfy itself wich you can program on the somfy. At least with normal blinds, so i asume it also works that way with suncreens (correct me when iam wrong)

Also strang to me you set the varible to open when the screen is closed and dicht when its open.

To test you can use the test button in the flow screen, this replace the “when” part of the flow and let you test the rest of the flow

This is what I use when rain is expected (using BuienRadar ):

The status is not a feed-back from the screen, but depending on the last command that was sent to the device by Homey. This means when your screen is OMLAAG by the remote control, and the last command from Homey was OMHOOG, then when you read the status on Homey, it will show OMHOOG.

For partly down, I use the timing function, when your screen needs 60 seconds to travel from fully UP to fully DOWN, the you can stop it halfway after 30 seconds:

Thank you! That is actually quite smart, changed it around a little and now it should work.

The open part is because I kind of worded it weird. Changed it to just “Omhoog” en “Omlaag”. Basically by open I meant sunscreen down because the suncreen itself is open.

Seems to work, thank again and apologies if I sound like a total noob. It’s all very new to me.

Thank you, stealing some nice additions from you flow, like the restricition to months, I like that.

Please don’t call it stealing, it’s SHARING, it’s for free for all community readers.