Help with flow


i need some help with a flow:
i have Shelly 2PM shutter. i want to setup a flow: if/when the sunshade is open/down and the wind speed is more than 10 km/h then the sunshade should close/up to 0%.

im using OpenWeather


Something like:

I have slight other devices.

I’m going to try it, does it work with half way open?

As Said, it is e little bit different but test it.

could also be a condition something like: Not Up
or: Greater than…


I will try to explain: it seems there is no state status in Shelly’s app.

Have you looked in the conditions?
According to the appstore ther is.

Btw if you can set a % down you can use that tag also.

If it isn’t there ask the developer
Here [APP][Pro&Cloud] Shelly

I think, found the issue… for my understanding when its shows UP should be CLOSE, and DOWN is OPEN. But its reverse direction. I need to change it in the flow.

Dank je… :grin:

Still not working… what I’m doing wrong

There should be a ‘reverse up&down’ option at the advanced settings.

I would recommend to ADD a log card (notification/push message/papertrails etc.) to the ‘ELSE’ part of your flow.
Include the three tags/variables you used at the “AND” section besides the flow name.
F.i. "Else FlowName. Tag1=[tag1] Tag2=[tag2]

This way you should be able to see why the flow stopped.

Also add such card to the “THEN” section, with just the flowname.
If the card is sent, but the curtain doesn’t respond, the issue is not your flow.

3rd thing you can discover this way: If no flowcards get sent, the flow isn’t getting triggered.

Other things to try:
When “AND the state is exactly UP” doesn’t work, try “AND the state is equal to 100%”

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Thanks, I will try tomorrow and let you know…

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Ok, I have changed some things in my flow and it works fine. But how flows refresh? With openweather app?

It seems every 30 min openweather refresh itself. But according to the app polling should every 5 min.

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OpenWeather (like almost any app or sensor) only sends an update when a value has changed.
OpenWeather polls the OpenWeather API every 5 minutes, but if a value hasn’t changed, it doesn’t (need to) get updated.

You can check what happened, and when, with Insights:

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Dank je,

I will keep my questions in English, for the others who need help.

ok, if i opened my sunshade on wind speed 10km/h and my flow that i create is to close my sunshade on 5km/h but as you said if the data didnt change my flow will not fire up?

i hope i have explained my question correct.

Correct. You should prevent it from opening with windspeed above 5km/h; you could consider adding a max windspeed to the open sunshade flow(s).
Open sunshade button turned on
[wind speed] is less than 6
Open sunshade

Flow is working fine, only weather data update doesn’t make sense… i will keep searching for a better solution, bedankt.

You’re welcome.
It’s only not about the weather data update, it’s just how it works.
Replace windspeed for lux or temperature and you’ll have the same situation.

  • This flow won’t trigger when you open the shades when the brightness is 75 lux and the brightness doesn’t change:
    Brightness has changed
    [Brightness] is less than 150
    Set sunshade position to 0%

  • This flow won’t trigger when you open the shades when it’s 22 degrees and temperature doesn’t change:
    temperature has changed
    [temperature] is greater than 20
    Set sunshade position to 0%