Shelly 2.5 roller shutter window covering state

Hey Everyone,

First of all, I’m quite new to home automation and having a blast with it.

I struggle with a particular condition I’m trying to on the Shelly to check it’s current state / position. The following flow:

There is a tag in place that should define the value and make it possible. However the issue im having at the moment is that when the rollers goes up it very shortly defines it as “up” in homey when after a couple of seconds it puts it back to idle. This happens both for up and downward motions. Meaning that the flow as defined above will not trigger due to the fact that the status is idle and not up/down…
Uploading: Shellystate.png…

Work around for now is just completely delete the check on whether the shutter is up or down. When it’s up and Homey forces an up command. It won’t do any harm to the roller shutter, but causes the shelly to make a short clicking sound. I just rather have the flow perform as intended.

Has anyone experienced similar issues with a Shelly 2.5? Is there a particular setting for example that causes it to go to the idle state. I have thought of defining a variable to track it, issue with that is that it can be used manually as well. Making it a lot more difficult to do it with variables.

Kind regards,
Rik van der Brugge

Have you already checked the App Topic for Shelly?