Shelly blinds with Opple

I am using my Homey with some Aqara Opple buttons and try to control and command my Shelly devices to open and close my blinds.

I am used to control my blinds directly with “buttons” and the Shelly app like this:
UP-Button press once → blinds go up.
UP-Button press again → blinds stop.

Using the regular flow-programming if I press up, the blinds go up, I press up again, the blinds will of course still get up. How do I solve this?

Do I really need to programm 12 flows in Homey for my 5 Blinds?
5 blinds = 5 buttons up, 5 down = 10 actions plus “if moving already” +10 = 20 flows.

Then the Opple is a bit a pain to programm “if a button is pressed and the button is number 3 and it is pressed exactly 1 time” - and to the main question. How do I find out, if the blind is moving already?

Is this a typical “welcome to home automation topic” or do you guys offload those logics to a broker and simply call the broker (eg. HAB) but then why have a Homey at first place.

One flow per button is needed if you use an “else” in the then part of your flows.You get that by dragging a card down until it appears. If the and part fails, the else is executed.

I do not own shelly blinds so I do not know if you can see that they are moving. What ou can do about it if it does not, is use a timer app like Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey or similar.

If you start a timer when you start the action, you can check if that timer is still running to detect the second push.

Having many flows is inherent to the design of flow triggers. It is how Athom keeps Homey running efficient. My advice is not to fight it, but organise your flows in folders and use naming conventions.

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I solved it using the double-tap function. It simply adds the “if pressed twice, STOP”. As you explain, it will create a plethora of flows and I simply need to reorganize them.

As of now I use something like “aqara opple 6 button control unit C, button 2 pushed once” = “o6c-2 p1”.