Reaction time Shelly <-> Homey

Hey all,

I’ve just started with Homey and home domotica. So far my setup is quite simple with some automated lights (and a iRobot, but that’s easy :innocent:). I’ve bought and installed some Shelly devices that control the lights:

The main idea so far is that one switch (coming from a Shelly 2.5) switches multiple lights, namely;

  • two LED spots connected to a Shelly dimmer
  • one living colors lamp through a Shelly plug
  • one lamp running through a KaKu plug
  • one Hue Go (BLE)

In homey I have two flows for turning on and off the lights, and all works fine, except there is quite some delay (ranging from 1 to sometimes up to 5 seconds or so). If I test the flows in the homey app however, everything responds almost instantly.

Does this delay make sense in some way? Can I make changes in the setup to speed things up?

Thank a lot!

The Shelly app currently uses a polling mechanism to retrieve the device status. This will cause a delay. There is already a new version of this app that uses a different mechanism which should result in faster updates. But the version of this app depends on Homey firmware 5.x which is currently in the experimental channel. You will have to wait until it goes stable or try your luck with this: [APP][Pro&Cloud] Shelly - #1097 by Phuturist

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Dear @Phuturist

I’m on the newest version of Homey for some time now and haven’t really noticed a real difference (which is fine for me, I got used to the delay :smiley: ). However, since a few days I notice that my flows are very randomly working. The shelly’s work fine, I can see (and hear) all the relays are opening up and closing just fine with the flick of a switch. Homey however does not seem to detect this and doesnt execute the flow that belongs to it. Enabling the flows/devices manually within the Homey app and all works just fine…

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m a bit lost on where to find the solution (especially since I never had any troubles for months, so I ruled out the WIFI coverage so far…)


Please use the Shelly support topic for these questions. The first post of this topic contains information to help you on your way.

Hi I am also experiencing behavior as described here.

I am using a Shelly Plus 2PM to toggle between two house ventilation modes. Sometimes I am switching one of the switches on in Homey, but no action on the Shelly device. However when I open the SHelly app, the device lets itself be switched on and off.

Seems like a disconnect between the Homey de/Shelly app and the device? Sometimes it does work well and sometimes it doesn’t.

Any thoughts or help on this?
Regards, Philip