Delay in Switching devices I my flow

I received last week Homey (2019)
After adding my devices (heu, fibaro dimmer,remotec scene master and neo coolcam power plug) I create a simple flow which switches the dimmer and plug to on. Based on pressing of a key on the remote.
I have noticed that there is a delay ( sometimes More then 1 minute) before every thing is on or off.
Even Noticed that the off is not happening.for some devices.

Does any body has the similar experience and solved it?


I experience the same sometimes. But it depends. For my kitchen light it takes around half a second to react but still noticable. For my kitchen table light there is almost no delay.

Another situation is that I have a flow that turns on several lights at sunset. I notice a delay. They are turned on after eachother. From a technicall standpoint that is something I can live with. Since homey needs to use 3 different technologies here ( 433mhz, zigbee, zwave) so I can imagine that it takes time.

Just keep in mind that the signal from the button needs to go homey and homey needs to forward it again to the dimmer/plug. That just takes time.

But he said “sometimes more than 1 minute”. That’s a lot of time for the signal to travel.

@Steef_de_Koning did you by any chance put a delay on switching on/off?
And what’s the distance in between Homey and your battery powered devices? (That’s the remotec scene master) On z-wave the more mains powered devices you have the better the mesh and less likely to have communication problems with battery powered devices.
Maybe you can have a look here: Homey Developer Tools and find out if Homey receives the signal when the remotec buttons are pressed.

Touche, 1 minute is indeed way to long. For standard homey that is way to long. Even if there is heavy traffic on the zwave network that is still to long.

I will comeback on this once I have returned from my trip.

The delay is still there. It even happens that a light is even not switched to on. In my flow the hue is switched on an after that the zwaVe devices. And with these devices I have the delay.

My question is can I reset my
Zwave network so it will build a new network?

Can you take a look at and see how the zwave mesh is build up?

Attached a screen shot. As you van see there are Some transmission error.

20, 21 and 22 are the fibaro dimmers.
I adder a 1 sec delay in switching on and switching off. I have the impression iT is werking better.
Is iT possible to resetten the error counter?

You can’t reset the error counter. Looks like everything is connected directly to Homey ( except 2, 15). That could possibly be the cause since the range of homey isn’t that great itself and how larger the distance the more you will have problems with interference and such.

What you could do is pressing the two dots right from the device in that overview and select Heal. This way you force that device to find a new route. Note: This works only for powered ( non battery ).

To add to that, start healing with devices which are near to Homey and work your way outside. As for the battery-devices, they can also be healed (IIRC) but they have to be woken up before pressing heal…

The problem is in the flow transmission feedback.

When manually switching the fibaro dimmers via homey there is no problem, using the flow i get these transmission errors.
I Will contact Athom and see what they think About this.
Ps: the only way to reset error counters is restart honey.

Thanks for your help

Did you get a response? I have a flow that will turn off all lamps and locks the door but some devices fails through the flow but manually do work fine.

Did you add a 2 second delay between switching off the devices? Just to see if that makes a difference?

No, I put “just” one second between them should this be changed to a larger delay? They all are Z-Wave devices.

not “should” but maybe with two seconds it works better. Beware the delay is set from starting the flow and not sequentially so should be like:
device 1 : 0 seconds
device 2 : 2 seconds
device 3 : 4 seconds
etc etc

Alright, will give it a try. Thanks.

The Athom support team is looking in to it.

So I am waiting now on their findings.

Already done that. Same result.

Hi, did you get any updates from athom? I’m facing the same issue.


Hi joshua

They replaced my Homey since they thought the zwave transmitter was not ok.

But I still have the same problem.