Z-wave delays since 7.1.4

Hi all,

Since my update to Homey 7.1.4 (now on 7.1.5) I have delays in my Zwave devices. If I click ‘on’ on my KlikAanKlikUit remote Homey starts a flow to switch on my aeotec plug. Flow starts right away (I added a notification), but it can take 20 seconds before the light switches on. Same with a motion sensor in the hall, takes up to half a minute before my NeoCoolcam light switch is turned on after motion is detected. My Homey (first model) is close by (5m in the first case).
Any suggestions on what to do?

Please try it with the plug in an outlet close to Homey.

Formally I can’t say I recognize this behavior. Have you tried removing and pairing again? Ultimately you could try to reset zwave , but that’s very drastic.

It’s actually the same for other devices as well, another aeotec plug sits only 1m from my Homey and has the same delay, another NeoCoolcam switch upstairs as well.
Not really looking forward to a complete Zwave reset…

Immediately after a Homey restart, I notice slight delays from time to time, but this should normalize within a day. After a restart (by firmware update, PTP, etc.) the Z-Wave network must reorganize itself, which may takes a few hours.

in your case I would suggest to do a PTP and observe if the delays are still there the next day.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did a ptp yesterday and for the first 5 mins everything was responsive, but 30 mins later the delay was back. I guess I’ll start the Zwave reset.

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Good luck!

Allright, took me 4 hours to pair all devices throughout the entire house again and repair my flows, but everything works again perfectly. And now I remember again why I love Homey so much, all those devices from different manufacturers combining z-wave, zigbee, rf. When it all works it’s really powerful.