Somfy RTS app - sunscreens responding to up and down commands, but status is not available

Hi, as the title indicates I am able to give commands to the sunscreens in my flow. I want to include a logic check that if the status is down and it starts to rain that the screens are rolled up. Unfortunately adding the card “the status is” with selected “down” gives an error while testing.
Added my current flow. Any advice is appreciated.

Somfy is one-way 433-traffic, even more oneway then KaKu cause Homey can receive KaKu signals but not Somfy-signals iirc. If the only way you control Somfy is by using Homey, you could assign a variable to reflect the setting, for example ScreenStatus and make sure that when somfy changes then also change the variable. So if Somfy is up, the variable could be “up” and when Somfy is down the variable could be “down”. Then you can check the variable.

Otoh what happens when you send a signal “up” when the screens are up already? Does this lead to problems?

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Thanks for your advice! I like that idea very much and will try to implement. I am absolute noob and currently trying to figure out how to set a boolean. Some learning curve then for the variable.
Btw, nothing happens when screens are already up, just seemed a ‘dirty’ solution to me.

Correct, the RTS signals are on 433.42MHz and homey listens on 433.92Mhz which is used by most other devices. Homey can change it’s frequency to send the RTS signals but then puts it back to the higher frequency.

I have an RFLink module plugged into a Raspberry Pi running Domotica. This receives all the RTS remote and Tahoma signals and passes them on to Homey via MQTT.
The only thing I can track is when the curtains are opened by tugging on them.

Might be more than you want to do but so far is the only solution I have found.

Adrian, appreciated your thoughts and approach. Indeed a bit too much for me just getting started. However, the discussion in this thread did help me to realize that I misinterpreted the functions coming with the Somfy app. I thought that the ‘Set status’ function which includes a drop down with up, stop and down was actually the command for the screen to move. But as it seems that is the function to set a value with 3 options. The actual command is the ‘to MY position’ function then. Can’t test at the moment as it is pouring down with rain :cloud_with_rain:

I presume it’s the same as the blinds, in which case, Up moves to fully open position, Down to the fully closed position and Stop is stop if the cover is moving or My position if it is already stationary.

Yep, I can confirm. That part is working now. Thanks! Next challenge is the trigger. See my other post Behavior logic unclear