Behavior logic unclear

I am using the temp sensor of my Hue motion detector to trigger the sunshades. But while testing the flow depicted below I get an error, or at least indication that the test value is not sufficient to pass the logic card ‘value is larger than 20’. What am I missing here?

By the way, the 23.5 is the value in of the temp parameter in the current flow and this is then populated automatically in the test value box as 23,5.

try 23.5

One thought, is the tag on the condition card the local tag defined by the trigger card?
When you select the tag it should be under the heading of local tag. If you selected the tag from the Device then the test setting might not be setting the correct tag value.

Thanks for the suggestions. Actually the 23,5 comes from the value of the local temp tag. This, while the trigger temp value is somewhere around 12 degrees at the moment. I have tried both combinations: And card with same temp as the trigger temp, And card with the local temp. Both flows are not getting into the Then statements, not with 22, 22.5 or 22,5.

works but using a comma doesn’t:

Thanks so very much for taking the effort to verify.
It seems that I have another problem as I can’t even get this to work:

Not with the temp from current flow nor with temp from trigger hue motion sensor.
Restarted Homey, also that did not help.

Ok all, it is totally working via the App. Via the homey web flow it is currently not. At least I can stop searching for a mistake in the logic. Also in the app the flow value 23.5 is copied like that to the test value of 23.5. In the web flow it is copied to the test value 23,5.