I am writing my first flows.
I don’t achieve to write correctly my logic.
Basicaly, i want to compare 2 temperature sensor, and trigger the action only if i got a 5 degrees difference between both temperature. See caps.
Without the “+5” , i dont have any problem, but once i add the “+5” (like in the screenshoot), my logic is always false (when i ran the test, “Temperature (°C)” was 18.46 and the second “Temperature” was 18.9

If i write the logic a bit differently and i move the “+5” on the top i got “non_numeric_value1” error.
What is wrong ?

PS : sorry for the french “est moins que” in the screenshoot means “is less than”

And u also tried double brackets like stated in the tooltip ?

That’s it…
double curly brackets did it. single curly bracket was not enough
Thanks !