Comparing two temperatures & controlling one plug

I have a fan with a plug that I want on if “Bedroom C°” < “Office C°“ else off. I think I have managed to create the flow as it works when tested, but not alone.

What am I doing wrong?

This will trigger once and that is not what you are aiming for.

Replace the WHEN card with “Temperature has changed”.
In the AND section place a logic card where you compare both temperatures.

Here an example with LUX:

The flow should work this way, but not with the “else” option.
So you need an additional flow to turn the fan off again:

– Temperature (Bedroom) becomes less than temperature (Office)
– Turn off

This makes perfect sense. I’ll try!


When I try to create the temperature comparison (on my Aqara sensors) in the “And” section I can’t access temperature at all - only “Battery alarm”. Also if I do the comparison in “when” I can’t add the “temperature changed” in “And”.


Use a Logic card, as seen in my flow example.!

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Logics tutorial if needed:

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I feel silly. Thanks for helping me!



Don’t feel silly. We all started with nothing.

Almost every one misses this one the first time, so basically it is nog a particularly good user experience design.

I don’t fully understand your use case. It seems that you want to control the temperature in a room.

Maybe this app can offer a potential solution as well: VThermo

I have not used it myself but it seems to manage heating devices without the need for a dedicated thermostat.

Have fun!