Temperature flow (aqara) + time + Somfy / why different options in IF and THAN cards?


My simple temperature (aqara) and time based flow with Somfy blinds would be :
= IF time is 20:00 AND temperature is > 25C THAN open the Somfy blinds

I would expect this simple flow to be set as its written almost?

When I started with a card time = 20:00 AND 2nd card my temparature - the options with AND (Aqara) were very limited? I could only do AND -batterywarning is on-? Thats odd? I expected IF or AND having the same options on a simple readable device? OK so IF time THAN temp

I also could also not just say “temp > 25C” it had to be “temperature has changed” and a sepreate card with logic parameter “temperature > 25C”

I especially try to understand why there is a difference in the options for cards IF and AND for Aqara (and maybe all) other devices too?



You have to choose a logic card for the temperature in the “And…” section.

– The time is 20:00
– Logic Card “Is bigger than”
– Open blinds

Because one is a Triggercard, which sets certain conditions/arguments to get triggered.
And the other one is a conditional card, only mend for comparing.

How would some conditions work as a Trigger?
For instance, lets say you have a Trigger Temperature > 25, when should it trigger?
Every time the Temperature changes and is > 25? Or should it trigger when the temperature is going from <25 to >25?

No, triggeres and conditions are to deferend from each other.

And should All App developers need to create conditional cards for all of there properties?
While insteed all you need are the build in Logic conditional cards and fill them with the allready exposed device/app tags. No extra need for developers and more standarization.

In theory, the built in numeric capabilities should automatically have became greater than and became less than cards now. So you should find a "Temperature became greater than " card.
If they are not there then what version of Homey are you using?