Help With a Humidity Flow

i have made one and it don´t work ???

This is the value i use:

Aqara Temp and Humidity=
The Humidity Changes.

Logic =
(Humidity) is greater then (70)

Lamp off
Lamp on
Lamp off
Lamp on
Lamp off
Lamp on
Lamp off
Lamp on

“it don’t work” isn’t very informative, but you should realize that any actions in the THEN part are started at the same time. It looks like you expect them to be run one after the other (lamp off, wait for the lamp to be turned off, lamp on, wait for the lamp to be turned on, …). That’s not how flows work.

You can add a small delay between each lamp on/off action (press the “Lamp On/Off” card in the flow editor to edit the card, that’s where you can add a delay):

  • lamp off
  • lamp on with a delay of 1 second
  • lamp off with a delay of 2 seconds
  • lamp on with a delay of 3 seconds

Again, because all actions are started at the same time independently, the delay is not relative to the previous card, but relative to the start of the entire THEN part.

Also be aware that everytime the sensor reports to homey and its bigger then the 70, the flow wil be do his thing.

Thank you.
i want the lamp to blink when the humidity is to high.
it is normaly round 30-60 (now 47)
this is when my kids shower … so the open the windows
and the level will go down.

when i try my flow with just lamp off … that don´t work.
so i think the problem is in When/And.

Maybe post a screenshot of your flow?

U want the flow to work when humidity is above 75 and try to test it when humidity is 47.
Try to set more then 15 to check maybe?

like @Rocodamelshekima mention, like now…. it only works when its above 75. so to test it must be also above

i have try … but i don´t know whats wrong.

if you test it like that, do you get the green :heavy_check_mark: on the and card?

Or your using the wrong tag?

Do When + And look like ok.
The Humidity value in AND i try´d THIS FLOW and i try´d AQARA HUMIDITY.
no diffrens.

wrong tag?

No green Arrow.


Yes TAG, the blue humidity your using,


no green arrow, so the problem is in the When colum.

Your sensor is that working? low battery? bad connection to homey?

if i press test it don´t work.
the sensor works fine. i have now 44,7%

What do the 1 tag in Aqara mean ?