CountDown and Aqara temp sensor

Hello good people!

I’m updating my bathroom light auto on off flow and my goal from the beginning has been to simply not make the lights turn off whenever im there… simple enough!

So far I’ve been mostly successful using my hue PIR sensor as a “presence” sensor with CountDown timer running in the background resetting it self whenever it senses motion and again checking a “few 100 times” wether there is motion or not before turning off the lights.

The hue PIR sensor like others have indeed mentiond does not want to see through the shower doors! I fixed this by adding time of the day based conditions making it so that from 21:30-23:00 (whenever i shower 99% of the time) it starts a timer for 12min whenever motion is not sensed and the normal timer of 4 min reached 0 (using CountDown).

Now to the actual issue: over easter i found myself showering at 15:00 one of the days…in the dark(after 4 min CountDown). Now this is unaccpetable and must be fixed! :sunglasses:

What i want to do is have my Aqara temp sensor to measure humidity! I’ve had it collect data over a few weeks with irregular showertimes and I see that the magic line is 37% and above and im showering! Now the problem im having is using CountDown and the Aqara temp humidity flow cards together. The Aqara temp sensor flow card does not have “And” or “Then” to check humidity levels, only “When”. This poses a challenge as my setup relies on CountDown using “When timer is 0” to turn the lights off (with different conditions mentioned earlier). My ideal scenario would be to basically: “When timer = 0, AND humidity is greater than 37%” then add my yes/no flows to controll the timing of when to turn off the lights and when to run the “delay” card.

Does anyone have any suggestions using an aqara temp sensor and hue PIR sensor to make this possible?

Thanks in advance for reading my showerstory. :slight_smile:

Are you sure there isn’t a humidity tag that you can use with a Logic card?


No tag present although that was a clever suggestion!


Almost… It’s not that obvious, but it’s a generic solution for many devices.

  1. create a new AND card,
  2. select Logic cards and then the card like eg. ‘x Is greater than y’
  3. Fill in the variables
    For x choose the humidity tag of your device
    For y choose a value

Yessir, worked like a charm :slight_smile:

If anyone is curious as to how the whole flow looks like:

Be aware that the square Aqara temperature and humidity sensor is not suitable for wet environments. I have wasted a couple in the bathroom for my ventilation flows. Over time (about a year) the condensation will mess up the insides.

Maybe a waterleak sensor on the floor would be better to detect shower activity?

I have been using my Aqara sensor in the bathroom for over 2 years.
It is on a cabinet about 2.2 meters high.
I have replaced the battery once. It also does not get wet while showering.

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