Ideas flows for bathrooms


i would like to know what are your flows for your bathroom. My devices and flow:

Hue switch and 6 hue spotlights, fan and a mirror with heating option and light and a Aqara water leak sensor.
Normal use 4 spotlights are on, everything else is off, under the shower when the water leak sensor sense the water, first 4 hue spotlights go off and 2 hue spotlights under the shower go on, fan and mirror on. Sensor is mount on the wall. My problem is the sensor, when the first person get out of the shower and turn off all the devices, the sensor still showing there is a leak even when everything is dry around the sensor.

Do you have a different setup or ideas? Is there any flow to turn off the alarm sensor when i turn off the devices?

I hope my question is clear for everyone and thank you for your help.

Good idea and question!

In my case, my solution was ‘very easy and not 100% complete’. But I relay on the combination of ‘activity in the bathroom’ and the use of water (I have a homewizard water meter). The shower is using 6,5-8,5l/min water. So the flow was easy to complete.
(Also I use input of my radiator valve (humidity) to control the fan. )

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I like the humidity option. but what will happen when a second person want to shower after the first one. How do you turn off and turn on the devices?

i forgot to mention that i have a timer (5 min) shower time. :sweat_smile:

Just thinking, why not installing just a second ‘motion sensor’ in the shower cabin? The ‘bathroom’ and ‘shower cabin’ can trigger the lights independently. So if someone is in the shower cabin, it can trigger the lights and is there is no motion in the bathroom, that lights can turned off.

I use the motion sensor to trigger a 10 min countdown. So, 10 min no motion is lights off… but, when the door is closed, the countdown starts at 2 min but if there is motion AFTER closing the door, it is 10 min again.

I dont have a shower cabin, i have walk-in shower. Motion sensor will trigger each time.