Check Humidity every hour

I am out of ync with Homey logic once more.
I need to check humidity every hour and do things if above x%
So in my advance flow I start with an hourly check then I move on to my aqara sensor.
If I choose “If” again I can -with teh aqara- only choose if humidity has changed, not if above value
If I choose “and” I can only choose some battery property of the aqara.
I so hope this simple task can be solved in a simple manner, but how?

“Every 1 hours” IF “[#Humidity] is larger than 66” THEN …

Replace [#Humidity] with the tag for your device.

If you want to check with the Aqara if the humidity is bigger then you can also use the logic card like Robert has used.

Yes thank you! Don’t go to devices but go to logic that is it. Guess i do this to seldom to get used to it.:see_no_evil:

I think it’s one of the most confusing parts of Homey flows, that a lot of devices don’t show up in the “AND” column and instead you have to use Logic cards with tags :woozy_face:

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