Is there no card , for the shelly Plug Pro & Shelly 1/ 2 Pro

Hi , is there no card , for the shelly Plug Pro & Shelly 1/ 2 Pro

  • If : the consumption IS lesser / Bigger than … W
    I found the card IF : the consumption IS Going lesser / Bigger than … W

Are you looking for a Trigger or a Condition ?

A Trigger

Is not a trigger but a condition

ok but I need this condition as trigger

same issue with the Selly Plus HT, I could used as trigger : Temp will going too less than …
But I need the triggen : Temp IS lesser than …

Thats not possible, a condition exists and a trigger happens…
What you ask is a trigger on something that is true but doesn’t change.

yes it is changing

Is there a trigger The Temp changed? Create flow with a condition it is less…

Geurt , Nederlands ?

VB #Als # de themp lagers is dan … # EN # het is 10.00 Hrs # EN # de deur gaat open # dan # schakel de verwarming Aan


example :#If # the themp is lower than … # EN # it is 10.00 Hrs # EN # the door opens # then # switch the heating On

That’s not how flows work.

“IF the temperature changed AND the temperature is less than X°C”

Also, “it is 10.00Hrs” and “the door opens” are triggers, not conditions.

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If I select a somfy device , than i can select this as trigger

That should be a bug. Pls share the flow.

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Those are convenience cards that the app developer apparently added to their app. It’s not how most apps work.

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so i need the
use the Somfy device ?

No, you need to learn how flows work :smiley:

You should look for a trigger (ALS/WHEN) card for your Shelly (“consumption changed” or “power changed” or whatever it might be called) and then use a Logic card to perform the higher/lower check.

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