Advanced flow "All" card not working or wrongly used

Hi there, I created an advanced flow, to triger my blind depending on 2 states.

  • My kitchen inside temperature is higher than 20°
  • My light sensor detect a value above 40000 lux
    then an all box
  • month is in between june and november
    then put my blind at 15%
    I don’t know why, but it does not work at all.
    Can someone please support ?

The trigger cards are “If temperature is change” and “If the Brightness are change”.
They come on the left of the “All card.”

The cards you’re using now become an “And card” like the “Date & Time card”.

When you put them after that “Date & Time card” then the flow stops if it’s not the right time.
So Homey have not to act further.


The “All card” you not using that any more.
Both trigger cards started the line of the “And cards”.

Hi and thank you for your answer, but it is the right time. We are well in between june and november. temperature is well above 20 in my kitchen and lux are at 80000 lux

See the tips in this post.

Also, can you remove one of your questions? It’s posted double now.


I have seen the tips but still cannot understand why my flow is not working. lux is higher than 40000 and temperature higher than 20, we are in between june and november. That should put my blind at 15% no ?
I did removed the second post.

Homey cant look every second if your Lux is 4000+ and the temperature 20+.

There for you need those trigger cards “If temperature is change” and “If the Brightness are change”.

You don’t understand how ALL works, which is that both trigger cards (in your case “luminance is above 40K lux” and “temperature is above 20°C”) have to trigger at the exact same time for ALL to work. Which they never will.

Instead, you have to use an ANY card, so that if one of the two becomes true, the next part of the flow is run.

Then in the next part, you have to check for all conditions to be true: luminance above 40K, temperature above 20°C, and month between June and November. You can use Logic cards for the first two.

Then you attach the outputs of those three cards to an ALL card, which basically acts as an “AND”: if all the inputs are true, continue.

The output of the ALL card goes to the card that sets your blinds.


Ok, I tried this way as I was unable to put a condition as an “and” card. As example, luminance above 40k is the starting condition, then “and” temperature is above 20%. But I am only able to see batery changes as “and” conditions for both my luminance sensor and temperature sensor.
I guess then the solution is to go through logic cards as you said. I will try to understand now how logic cards works :slight_smile:

The flow could look something like this:

(This is the slightly more complicated variant)

You can also create two separate flows (easier variant):

So that the flow is not started unnecessarily although the roller blind is already in the position of 15%, you can also check the position of the roller blind:

And so on, and so on…


Nice to see all those different possibility’s.

In my post I had a simple straight line in my mind.
Both trigger cards started that line of the “And cards”

Therefore I have edit that post because the All card is not needed any more.

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