ALL card doesn't seem te be working

Maybe a stupid question, but I don’t seem to get the ALL card working… I thought it collects all input and fires when ALL previous steps were complete?
I am trying to build flows based on persons leaving and coming home. And depending 1 is still at home or not I collect the input in an ALL card. It didn’t work, so I started testing. Here is a simplified version with 2 lights (I did the same more elaborate with precense and notifications after each step). The seperate commands trigger the notifications, but everything stops at the ALL card.
What am I doing wrong here, please help! It will help me controlling my ECO mode on the thermostat acurately.

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Thank you verry much! I search the forum for half an hour and couldn’t find anything. I must say, it would be nice if ALL would work originating from different triggers. For now I’ll combine something to check for presence to make it so that the flow originates from 1 starter.
@robertklep, you are so fast in responding, appreciate it!

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In that case you can use the ANY block, or just connect several triggers to one input of a flowcard.
While triggers are almost never occurring at the sane time

I never use ALL blocks btw, I prefer to connect conditions in series, which has the same result.