How exactly does the "all" block working?

I’d like to better understand the function of the “all” block. I know that the block is only continuing when all input signals are set but how long does it wait?

I’ve a Hue dimmer switch and generate two events, one with the on-button and one with the off-button. Now I connect thes two events to the “all” block and publish a logentry. My expectation was, that if I press the first button, nothing happens but as soon as I press the second, the logentry is done. But this is not the case. Hence I’m wondering how this “all” bock is implemented.

described here:

Thank you very much @Dijker , that helps a lot.

@Dijker so does the “ALL” block only start when all conditions are met in a given moment or in other words when the flow is triggered? Do I understand it correctly that it will never wait and ‘collect’ triggers from different cards?

How do I build a flow then where I would like it to trigger an event once a month (but not on the same day of the month, I mean every 31 days) at 8:00? When I thought that the “ALL” block would wait for both triggers, it seemed like a nice solution but that does not work.
If I use “ANY” it will trigger every day at 8:00 and also every 31 days. I suppose I could use logic to combine both but that seems a bit complicated for a simple flow.

Thank you!

No it waits for all lines from ONE trigger …

And “Every 31 Days” starts over every month, like very 3 days triggers if I remember on Day 1 , 4, 7, 10, …
of each month. and every 4 days on day 1, 5, 9, 13, 17 …?

Tested for you a Every 31 Days in ~ 62 seconds. it flips over nice…

Just remove the every 2 seconds trigger and trust the it is 8:00 (Every Day) and the counter…

Thank you! Very interesting, I never used a counter like that but I am not a very advanced user.

If you would be so kind, could you please have a look and let me know if I understand it correctly?
The way I understand it is that every day at 8:00 the logic will check if the count is less than 31. If yes, +1 will be added to the total count. If no, meaning the count is 31, the counter will be set to 0 which means that 31 days has passed and that can trigger my event (every 31 days). Here I added a notification as an example.

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