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When I try to create this advanced flow, using the ALL card so that when all 4 of us leave the house, our presence is changed to away…the flow does not respond at all. I presume I’m missing something basic and would appreciate some help.

Is the presence detection working ok? Some users have troubles with the built in presence detection of Homey.

You could add a THEN card to each “xxx left home” card which writes a message “xxx has left” to Homeys timeline so you know if all users are away or not.
Does that work ok?

That is never going to trigger, When are you all four leaving the house in the same millisecond?

Answered here:

Presence detection is poor via the app so I use macrodroid and webhooks, this has been working great with simple flows. Thought I would try an advanced flow to try and learn, first attempt and it didn’t happen

We aren’t of course, from having listened to the AMA I had thought that the ALL card waited until ALL the triggers were activated before advancing. As an experiment I manually marked us all as away in quick succession and it still did not work. SO only 2 triggers to start an ALL. OK, I will change the trigger to When Last Person Leaves The House.
Thanks for your quick response

Nope, One Trigger …
And multiple conditions a-synchrone behind ALL.
Other Trigger is other Run Instance and doesn’t wait for new triggers. it just dies…

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