Compare temperatures from different sensors

I want to turn on my AC. It should be something like this: When temperature oustide is larger that temperature inside, my AC turns on (or blings go down, etc.).

I have temperature sensor outside, I have temperature sensors in each room.

How do you think I can get variable as a temperature from outside sensor? then I can compare it to the temperature with sensor inside.

Is there maybe any other way?


You could do something like this:
Use a logics card “if calculation is true” as a condition.
IF outside temp exceeds 20°C
AND tag [outside temperature] is equal to or is higher than tag [inside temperature]
THEN switch AC on

The logics card (it’s rather confusing you can’t see to which device the tags belong if the tags are named alike):

The first [temperature] tag is this one (weather app temperature):

The second [temperature] tag is this one (thermostat measured temperature) :

Timeline after pushing flow test button:

AC not switched on, while inside temp exceeds outside temp.


Thank you, I will try your tip in the summer :slight_smile:

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