Logic tag + xx?

So, it’s high humidity here today and this has meant a few flows that measure increased humidity in a room have kicked in unnecessarily

I’d like to therefore include logic where I compare sensor reading to weather humidity + 5 (for example)

I can only seem to compare the tags directly tho without modifier - is there a way to do this?

You can calculate a new variable (humidity + 5).
Then you can use this new variable for comparison.

I hope I understand you correctly.

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Odd, I tried that and it wasn’t letting me add anything into the box when I’d added the tag. Perhaps I wasn’t pressing in the right place!
Will try again

Found it - can’t do the logic in the middle, has to be set before hand!

You can do what you want, but without spaces.


Sorry, my bad explanation. You can’t do it mid flow (so you cant say IF a variable changed AND Tag > Humidity+5 THEN xyZ)

You have to set a logic variable to Humidity+5 first and compare against that new variable

Yes, that’s right, that’s what I mean with „new variable“.