Logic block in Advanced Flow: mathematic calculation of Variable/Tag values

Hello @homey,
I have a feature request.

User Voice: As a Advanced Flow user I want to increase/decrease a given thermostat temperature by a certain value to increase/decrease a thermostat temperature.

User Voice for the logic block: As a Advances Flow user I want to increase/decrease a given Variable/Tag value by a defined Variable/Tag/value to use the new value in a following building block.

Idea: A logic block, which adds or substrates a given value from a Tag/value and provides it a a new Tag in the flow.
What should be customisable in the logic block: Tag/value with the existing value & add/substract & the value to add/substract as a value/Tag/variable.
Possible wording on the Logic block: Read (Variable/Tag) and (add/substract) (Variable/Tag/Value).

What do I want to use it for:

  • Wen a hue switch button is pressed
  • Read the currently set temperature of the thermostat Eurotoronic Sprite Z-Wave (20.5 degree)
  • increase it by 0.5 degree.
  • send the new value to the thermostat as new temperature (21 degree) by using the block “set the temperature (value)”

I m aware of the calculation logic block.
But I am struggling to get the thermostat value into it.
And I am forced to define a “text” (= Tag) where the new value should be written to.

Hi @And ,
I am not sure, if I understand what you want.
Probably you cannot add something to a device property. But if you have a variable, you can add/substract/multiply/divide and store the result in the same variable.

If that is not sufficient you may use temporary variables, which are forgotten after the flow.

Hi @DirkH,
thank you for the tip
I will try out the App Temporary-variable. Looks like a good workaround to avoid too much Variable.

Currently my flow looks like this:

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My solution with Temporary variable, which works: