Advanced Flow - Use of Variables

I have determined average Whole House Battery State Of Charges (SOC) for all the hours of the day and want to set an alert that I only receive if the current SOC is less than the average SOC - I may need to check everything is working OK.

I have a use case where:-

At 08:00 Get House Battery State of Charge - If SOC < VARIABLE[AverageBatterySOC08:00] Then Send Message to User “ALERT - Battery SOC is less than Target #TAG SOC, Target VARIABLE 'AverageBATTERYSOC08:00”

  1. Cannot work out How to compare a TAG to Variable (assuming both are NUMBERS)
  2. Cannot work out how to insert VARIABLES into Text Strings for messages

I have been searching the Forum but was unable to locate the correct search parameters to illicit a useful response.

Anyone any ideas?

Logic flow card in the And… section:
– Number (as tag/variable) is less than Number (as tag/variable)

The whole flow will look something like this:

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I did not make the leap that a Tag can also be a Variable - got it thanks.

The alternative one I came up with was HUGE!!! Will trim down now with better logic :slight_smile: